Automatic Switch




Features such as adjustable detection
distance from 3m to 10m, horizontal
detection angle of 180°, adjustable
luminosity threshold, adjustable time
delay from 1 second to 16min, cycle
repeated as long as movement is
detected, possible remote control and
integrated self protection against
overloads and short circuits.







Bulkhead Light




For exterior use. Comes with an IP44
and IK07 rating


Data Cabinet




Legrand Cabling System (LCS²)
Cabinets/Enclosures come in a variety
of sizes and are easily adaptable to
different types of equipment with a
complete range of accessories for
maximum accessibility and easy












Control and adjust the light intensity
of all types of loads in the market

Gas Detector




Indicates the presence of a gas leak via
a LED display and audible alarm signal
(85 dB at 1m)







Multimedia Touch Screen Home Automation




10" touch screen for control of the
house: door entry system, multimedia
(web, radio, webcam.)


My Home Web Control




Used for communicating between a
BUS/SCS installation and a TCP-IP
network for managing the installation
remotely from a computer or mobile
phone connected to the Internet







Multimedia Socket




Available with white or magnesium
cover plates. Audio and video sockets
including: RCA, 3.5mm jack, YUV,


Scenario Controller




Lights, roller blinds, sockets, etc. can be
controlled in groups from a scenario
switch or touch screen type central
control unit. By controlling all the
electrical functions in the house with a
single action, to suit your lifestyle, you
can maximise your comfort while making







Stop and Go Safety Function




If a temporary fault accidentally trips the
general protection system, STOP & GO
will automatically reset the installation


Shutter Control




Arteor™ functions can be customized
because users create their own living
scenarios to be adjusted according to
their preferences: cinema ambience or
an evening with friends, subdued
lighting with automatic curtain closing
and adjustment of the thermostat.
Imagination is the only limit.











These comes in a choice of flush
mounting, surface mounting or false
ceiling mounting options.


Sound System




1.2" touch screen for activation of sound
distribution functions. Available with
white or magnesium cover plates.








Skirting light




Available in white or magnesium in
standard version or with motion sensor
and audible signal that can be.


Socket Outlet




Mechanisms supplied with White,
Magnesium, Red, Blue or Black square
cover plates


Tablet Touch Screen




Control your home with the iPad