Capacitor Banks




These Improve the power factor of an
electrical installation by giving it the
means to "produce" a certain proportion
of the reactive energy it consumes itself.
There are various different systems for
producing reactive energy, including in
particular asynchronous compensators
and shunt capacitors (or serial
capacitors for large transmission







Cabinet with Control and Signalling Auxiliaries




Atlantic-E Enclosures - The NEW and
VERY AFFORDABLE. Atlantic-E cabinets
offer a high quality finish, ensure the
maximum safety, the ordered
arrangement and optimum protection of
electrical components, like terminal
blocks, switches and sockets, fuse
carriers, safety transformers and circuit
capacitors for large transmission


Cast Resin Transformers




• Optimise building consumption
during standby phases
• Reduce hazards such as the risk
of propagation of fire and
spreading pollutants into the
• Make the end-of-life recycling
stages easier
• Avoid heavy maintenance work










Flexible Conduits




For protecting cables whatever the
industrial stresses: dynamic,
mechanical, environmental. They form a
real system made up of: conduits,
connectors, junctions and accessories.

Industrial Enclosure




Various enclosures and cabinets
solutions exist to cover any type of
installation. They share the same sober
modern design and provide effortless
cabling and deploy-ability.







Main Distribution Board




The Legrand XL³ range was designed to
meet the needs of all power distribution
requirements up to 6300 A. From XL³ 125
up to XL³ 6300, all the enclosures
provide optimum performance and easy


Power Busbars


Busbar trunking provides a safe
and reliable solution for high
power distribution. Legrand offers
complete distribution systems for
currents up to 5,000 A. Whether
used to connect transformers to
the main LV distribution board,
supply power to the server racks or
lighting, busbar trunking is quick
to install and offers a high level
of flexibility should reconfigurations
be required.











Legrand's cable management
system encompasses adaptable DLP
trunking, which is fully compatible
with the Arteor wiring devices.
Designed for efficient power and
data networking and provides
outstanding solutions to trunking
requirements in all sectors,including
domestic, office, commercial, banks,
hospitals, computer centres and


VDI Fast Connection


Used as a consolidation point
between the rack and the RJ 45
sockets, as required by ISO 11801.
Enable ELV distribution in Cat. 6
STP/FTP/UTP and Cat. 5e FTP
cabling over an area containing
1 to 12 RJ 45 sockets.











Wire Mesh Cable Tray


Cablofil wire mesh cable tray
is constructed of precision
engineered, high quality, welded
steel wire and is the result of
decades of research gained from
 the installation of 94,000 miles
 of tray across the globe.