Bedside Unit




Touch control for the activation of
between 4 to 6 different scenarios
"wake-up / sleep / TV / relax / open
curtains/shutters / close










CCTV Camera




With the HDL CCTV systems, Legrand
proposes a full range of cameras, digital
video recorders (DVR) and accessories
for building surveillance - Safety &






Control and adjust the light intensity
of all types of loads in the market








Emergency Lighting Luminaire




The new Legrand emergency lighting
offerings are equipped with low energy,
long-life LEDs which ensure low energy
consumption while also reducing
maintenance costs. The use of Ni-Mh
batteries further reduces their
environmental impact. Their slim
design facilitates integration into
any type of surrounding.

Floor Box




Enables power and data distribution
to workstations and can be installed
in raised flooring or a concrete.







Multimedia Touch Screen Home Automation




10" touch screen for control of the
house: door entry system, multimedia
(web, radio, webcam.)


Multimedia Socket


Available with white or magnesium
cover plates. Audio and video
sockets including: RCA, 3.5mm
and HD







Occupancy Sensor




Legrand's range of energy efficient
products and systems for industrial,
commercial and domestic lighting
control includes occupancy and vacancy
sensors that save hours of wasted
electricity each day.


Scenario Controller




Lights, roller blinds, sockets, etc. can be
controlled in groups from a scenario
switch or touch screen type central
control unit. By controlling all the
electrical functions in the house with a
single action, to suit your lifestyle, you
can maximise your comfort while making









Shutter Control




Arteor™ functions can be customized
because users create their own living
scenarios to be adjusted according to
their preferences: cinema ambience or
an evening with friends, subdued
lighting with automatic curtain closing
and adjustment of the thermostat.
Imagination is the only limit.


Sound System




1.2" touch screen for activation of sound
distribution functions. Available with
white or magnesium cover plates.







Touch Screen


10" touch screen for control of the
house: door entry system, multimedia
(web, radio, webcam.)




Legrand's cable management
system encompasses adaptable DLP
trunking, which is fully compatible
with the Arteor wiring devices.
Designed for efficient power and
data networking and provides
outstanding solutions to trunking
requirements in all sectors,including
domestic, office, commercial, banks,
hospitals, computer centres and







Video Door Entry Unit


Available with either white or
magnesium cover plates. Hands free
internal unit with a 2.5" LCD colour


UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)




An efficient solution to guarantee
continuity of service for computers and
to protect sensitive equipment in
buildings. UPS units provide emergency
power to workstations in the event of a
mains power failure.









Wi-Fi access points can be fitted
anywhere where unrestricted access to
the computer network is required. They
can be fitted just like a RJ45 sockets and
on any supports. The stability of
performance and the durability of
products are guaranteed.