Bedhead Trunking Unit



Legrand has two bedhead trunking

ranges: medical strips and LED strips, to
satisfy different types of healthcare
institution: clinics, hospitals, homes,
specialized residences and retirement







Cast Resin Transformers



• Optimise building consumption

during standby phases
• Reduce hazards such as the risk
of propagation of fire and
spreading pollutants into the
• Make the end-of-life recycling
stages easier
• Avoid heavy maintenance work


Corridor overdoor light unit - Hospital




These Legrand lighting solutions

help patients to find their way
around the room and bathroom at night.
On/off lighting is memorized by
activity measurement software, and
the data taken into consideration in
the diagnosis of patient health.









Door Entry Unit - Hospital




The "Interphone" door unit can be

used to replace the standard door
unit, the loudspeaker and the
microphone in each room. It contains
all the functions of a secondary control
unit and also allows a nurse to call
a colleague via the intercom function
between rooms.

Emergency Lighting Luminaire




The new Legrand emergency lighting
offerings are equipped with low energy,
long-life LEDs which ensure low energy
consumption while also reducing
maintenance costs. The use of Ni-Mh
batteries further reduces their
environmental impact. Their slim
design facilitates integration into
any type of surrounding.







Flush Socket




Hygienic sockets designed for medical
care areas. Avoid accumulation of dirt
and are easy to clean.


Isolating Transformer for Hospitals




• Available in single-phase and
• Secondary/earth leakage current,
limited to 0.5 mA off-load.
• Inrush current, limited to
12 times the peak value of primary
• Electrostatic shield linked to dedicated
• Equipped with a temperature monitoring
system (bi-metal strips), and outputs
on dedicated terminals, for connection
to a control system (optical, acoustic,







Main Distribution Board




The Legrand XL³ range was designed to
meet the needs of all power distribution
requirements up to 6300 A. From XL³ 125
up to XL³ 6300, all the enclosures
provide optimum performance and easy


Main Control Unit - Hospital




Provides call and presence display for
all bedrooms and rooms in order of
priority (max. 150). Features an
alphanumeric display and adjustable
audible signal as well as a scrolled
display of the calls and nurses visits
in progress









Multi-function hand-held control unit - Hospital




The Legrand Nurse Call System
provides greater freedom of
movement for greater availability
and contact with patients. The
device offers traceability of




Multimedia Socket




Available with white or magnesium

cover plates. Audio and video
sockets including: RCA, 3.5mm
and HD







UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)




An efficient solution to guarantee

continuity of service for computers
and to protect sensitive equipment in
buildings. UPS units provide emergency
power to workstations in the event of
a mains power failure.