Access Control




Standalone access control solutions are
designed to manage and ensure the
security of the flows of people in simple
or small areas (meeting room, individual
office, equipment room).







Capacitor Banks




These Improve the power factor of an
electrical installation by giving it the
means to "produce" a certain proportion
of the reactive energy it consumes itself.
There are various different systems for
producing reactive energy, including in
particular asynchronous compensators
and shunt capacitors (or serial
capacitors for large transmission


Cast Resin Transformers





• Optimise building consumption
during standby phases
• Reduce hazards such as the risk
of propagation of fire and
spreading pollutants into the
• Make the end-of-life recycling
stages easier
• Avoid heavy maintenance work










CCTV Camera




With the HDL CCTV systems, Legrand
proposes a full range of cameras, digital
video recorders (DVR) and accessories
for building surveillance - Safety &

Data Centre Cabinet




Legrand Cabling System (LCS²)
Cabinets/Enclosures come in a variety
of sizes and are easily adaptable to
different types of equipment with a
complete range of accessories for
maximum accessibility and easy







LCS² equippable fibre optic drawer




The 19" fibre optic drawer receives the
fibre optic blocks directly.Modular sliding
drawer. End-stop with 30° tilt.Maximum
capacity: 6 fibre optic blocks i.e. 48 ST
and SC connectors or 36 LC connectors.
Drawer features sliding tray.1 U,
supplied with screws and cabling


Main Distribution Board




The Legrand XL³ range was designed to
meet the needs of all power distribution
requirements up to 6300 A. From XL³ 125
up to XL³ 6300, all the enclosures
provide optimum performance and easy







Occupancy Sensor




Legrand's range of energy efficient
products and systems for industrial,
commercial and domestic lighting
control includes occupancy and vacancy
sensors that save hours of wasted
electricity each day.


Power Busbars


Busbar trunking provides a safe
and reliable solution for high
powerdistribution. Legrand offers
complete distribution systems for
currents up to 5,000 A. Whether used
to connect transformers to the main
LV distribution board, supply power to
the server racks or lighting, busbar
trunking is quick to install and offers
a high level of flexibility should
reconfigurations be required.











Soluflex Floor System


The Soluflex cable floor system offers an
integrated solution for work stations,
data centres and other professional
spaces. Polypropylene supports and
lightweight pre-galvanised steel floor
tiles create a containment system that
eliminates the need for trunking. With
the incorporation of floor boxes, power
poles and grommets you can create a
well organised and highly functional
space. The finished installation can then
be covered with rubber, stone, wood or
carpet tiles. Save time and money
during installation and with any future
reconfiguration as there is no need for
skilled labour or special equipment.
Soluflex is 100% recyclable, self-
extinguishing and easily dismounted
and reinstalled, giving it a virtually
unlimited life.






Legrand's cable management
system encompasses adaptable DLP
trunking, which is fully compatible
with the Arteor wiring devices.
Designed for efficient power and
data networking and provides
outstanding solutions to trunking
requirements in all sectors,including
domestic, office, commercial, banks,
hospitals, computer centres and







Wire Mesh Cable Tray


Cablofil wire mesh cable tray
is constructed of precision
engineered, high quality, welded
steel wire and is the result of
decades of research gained from
 the installation of 94,000 miles
 of tray across the globe.