The network at your hand, and the right system to meet your needs


The network at your hand, and the right system to meet your needs





Used as a consolidation point between the
rack and the RJ 45 sockets, as required by
ISO 11801. Enable ELV distribution in Cat.
6 STP/FTP/UTP and Cat. 5e FTP cabling
over an area containing 1 to 12 RJ 45




The centralisation of connections close to their point of use provides flexibility and
upgradability for the installation. It is possible to leave lines unused in the area
distribution box to rapidly respond to future user needs.
Can be installed in false ceilings or technical floors. Connectable to the patch panel or
floor cabinet. Polycarbonate cover and polypropylene base. Tightness protection index:
IP 21. Protection against mechanical impacts: IK 07. Available in pre-equipped or
equippable versions with 4x RJ 45 connector blocks. UTP, FTP, STP or SFTP
connectors can be used as required. 8 or 12 RJ 45 connectors as per requirements
(the 8-connector version also enables configuration with up to 12 links, replacing the
blanking plate with a 4-connector block). Lay-out of the area distribution boxes using
AutoCAD and Legrand fast connection software.





RJ 45 sockets are connected to the area distribution box using a mixed cord, equipped
with an RJ 45 plug on one end to connect it to the box and bare on the other end to fit it
to the LCS connector on the RJ 45 socket or an RJ 45-RJ 45 cord to connect to a
copper feed-through RJ 45 socket.








Enable network access whatever the needs:
10 Gb, Cat. 6, Cat. 5, STP or FTP.
Equipped with IDC connectors.
Possible to re-cable in the event of error. Available in standard version and with copper
feed-through. Installation possible in shallow trunking system, 35 mm for UTP and FTP
connectors, 50 mm for STP.
Mosaic RJ 45 sockets can take either RJ 45, RJ 12 or RJ 11 plugs without deformation
of contacts. They fit all installation supports in the Mosaic programme perfectly (floor
boxes, columns, trunking systems, etc.).








I) Available as boxes to be inserted in the patch panel (5 or 8 RJ 45 STP ports) or in
flush-mounting format (manageable or not).








Enable any computer equipped with a WiFi external or WiFi compatible built-in
standard (Intel Centrino) card to access the Ethernet network without a cable
connection to an RJ 45 socket.
Can be installed at any point in the building and in all Mosaic installation supports (4-
module size), offering a 54 Mbit/s rate.
Application examples: Exchanging data with other computers, accessing the Internet or
using a network printer. WiFi Mosaic access points are delivered with a configuration
CD-Rom to ensure secure network access.

3 WiFi access points are available: - Type a + b/g with RJ 45 socket, compliant with 802.11a and 802.11b/g dual band standards. Enables a permanent physical connection for a computer and wireless access to the network for nomadic users. - Type a + b/g, compliant with 802.11a and 802.11b/g standards. Enables network access from any point in the building at any time. - Type b/g, compliant with 802.11b/g standard. Enables network access mainly for visitors, for example.