Easy installation and efficient maintenance

Easy installation and efficient maintenance






Available in LCS² 19'' enclosure versions
and Altis 19'' server enclosure versions.

With IP 20 and IK 08 indices, they come
equipped with:
- dismountable side and rear panels
- panels with automatic equipotential
- top and bottom pre-cut 19" format cable
entries that can receive 19" plates with
brushes, ventilators, etc.
- reversible curved front door with screen-
printed safety glass
- 2433A key lock for safety lock-out of all
four sides
- 100 mm-high integrated base with front
ventilated plate, feet adjustable from
- two 19" uprights depth 600 mm, and
four uprights depth 800 mm
Extension enclosure supplied with linking
kit and no side panels.
Fully dismountable rack, cable and patch
cord management possible in cabling
units Cat. No. 463 34 and 463 35.
Anthracite grey – RAL 7016
Capacity: 24 U, 29 U, 33 U, 42 U or 47 U,
Depth: 600, 800, 1000 mm,
Width: 600 or 800 mm,
Rated load: 10 kg / U.
LCS² 19" enclosures can house all types
of patching equipment, thus offering
global solutions for information networks.







The design of the LCS² enclosures facilitates managing the cables and cords :


1. Optimised cable and cord management
2. Linking interface
3. Easier cable entry
4. Easy maintenance of bend radius













Equipped with:
- dismountable side panels for accessibility on all sides
- glass or curved reversible door (opens to 210°)
- top and bottom louvres for natural ventilation, can house a fan in the upper part
(temperature regulation equipment)
- supplied with 2 uprights, adjustable depth.
Enables easy cabling as cables can enter from the top, bottom, sides and even the
IP 20 and IK 08 protection for connections and equipment it encloses.
The LCS² finish enables the 6 U cabinet to fit in perfectly with all environments.
Lockable with key lock No. 405
Anthracite grey – RAL 7016
Capacity: 6 U, depth: 300 mm, width: 340 mm
Rated load: 12 kg




LCS² 10'' mini-cabinet










LCS² cabinets can be custom-built to site specifications: dimensions, doors, side
panels, ventilation, cable entry plates, etc.
Consult the catalogue of made-to-measure solutions.




LCS² 9 U cabinet, RAL 5012 with through-wiring
panel and shelf