Access Control




Standalone access control solutions are
designed to manage and ensure the
security of the flows of people in simple
or small areas (meeting room, individual
office, equipment room).







CCTV Camera




With the HDL CCTV systems, Legrand
proposes a full range of cameras, digital
video recorders (DVR) and accessories
for building surveillance - Safety &


Data Cabinet



Legrand Cabling System (LCS²)

Cabinets/Enclosures come in a variety
of sizes and are easily adaptable to
different types of equipment with a
complete range of accessories for
maximum accessibility and easy









    Emergency Lighting Luminaire



    The new Legrand emergency lighting

    offerings are equipped with low energy,
    long-life LEDs which ensure low energy
    consumption while also reducing
    maintenance costs. The use of Ni-Mh
    batteries further reduces their
    environmental impact. Their slim
    design facilitates integration into
    any type of surrounding.

    Multimedia Socket



    Available with white or

    magnesium cover plates. Audio
    and video sockets including:
    RCA, 3.5mm jack, YUV, HDMI,
    VGA, XGA, VESA and HD












    Occupancy Sensor



    Legrand's range of energy efficient

    products and systems for industrial,
    commercial and domestic lighting
    control includes occupancy and vacancy
    sensors that save hours of wasted
    electricity each day.


    RJ45 Sockets




    Providing a digital connection also
    means being able to connect to the
    Ethernet network simply using an RJ45
    plug. This universal connection is
    proposed by Legrand on all its wiring
    device ranges, from the most basic to
    the most sophisticated and luxurious







    Skirting light




    Available in white or magnesium in
    standard version or with motion sensor
    and audible signal that can be.




    Legrand's cable management
    system encompasses adaptable DLP
    trunking, which is fully compatible
    with the Arteor wiring devices.
    Designed for efficient power and
    data networking and provides
    outstanding solutions to trunking
    requirements in all sectors,including
    domestic, office, commercial, banks,
    hospitals, computer centres and









    Vandal-proof Luminaire


    For installations where breakage is a
    risk. Indoors and outdoors for tough






    Wi-Fi access points can be fitted
    antwhere where unrestricted access
    to the computer network is required.
    They can be fitted just like a RJ45
    sockets and on any supports. The
    stability of performance and the
    durability of products are







    Zone Distribution Box


    For the distribution of low current in a
    zone fitted with one to twelve RJ45
    sockets. Centralised connections
    guarantee flexibility and adaptability
    of the installation.